Singapore is a country that consists of only one city, but that city is a wonderful successful one.

When we received our passports back there was a paper included that stated… If you smuggle drugs into Singapore the penalty is DEATH written is big red letters. You can get a fine for chewing gum.. There are signs all over the subway reminding people to give up their seats for the elderly.. not to make noise.. etc. Almost everyone speaks English. All signs are in English, too. The subway system is clean and so easy to use. The streets are very clean too, and there are bathroom attendants in every public bathroom.

But it is also a melting pot of different cultures. There are many food courts around the city with every type of food you can think of and you can get a meal for less than $4 USD. and it’s delicious. Many of the food stalls are vegetarian so we had a good time! We arrived at the terminal which is also attached to a mall as is Hong Kong but very different. This mall is full of electronics and bargains unlike HK which is very exclusive.

We spent part of the day helping a friend buy a tablet and actually that was fun. The prices were pretty good, and I believe, she is happy with it. We took a subway ride to China town and spent some time in a department store that had some beautiful products.



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