Jeju City is a vacation spot for Koreans especially honeymooners.

I escorted a excursion to a great show, called Nanta, that was a cross between Iron Chef and Blue Man Group.  Tons of dancing and laughing and throwing food around. It was a non-verbal show so it was really easy to follow.

Kal went on a different tour. Talk about that later.

We were in Jeju City  last year and we didn’t do much then, was desperate to find wifi so we hung out at a resort, and just walked around. So happy I got to see this show.

After the show we went to a official store for shopping, everything was expensive and a huge basically a waste of time.

Then we drove to an ice cream stall. They had the weirdest cones. I can’t decide if they are obscene or not. You be the judge.



View from the bus



The official shop we were taken to



Above is ginger in oil or liquor and below is different kimchis


Ice cream cones


Heading back to the buses



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