Kushiro, Japan



Kushiro is our first stop in Japan.


Since Kushiro is right across the bay from Russia and at the top of the islands of Japan they are the fishing mecca for the area. I guess you might say they are the Japanese equivalent to Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

The fishing boats here seem to be extremely updated with the latest technology and have solar panels (I am not sure why) all over the boat.

We saw boats fitted out for crab fishing, sea bass, flounder, halibut and other fishes. The boats have vacuums that suck up the fish. With all this equipment on the boats I have no idea how they manage to have a crew!

It was pouring so we headed out to the closest Mall. Near the pier there was a small mall so we went there looking  to find WIFI. After 4 days at sea, we all wanted to make contact with the outside world, I guess. I barely had any luck. Just enough to post the first two posts of this blog and a couple of emails.

In most places when we all (and that’s about 1000 guests and another couple of hundred crew members that have time off the ship) try to get onto whatever free WIFI we can find, the connection gets slower and slower.

I can tell you that once we hit China there won’t be any internet at all, unless something has changed.

Anyway, back to Kushiro

We made our way to the mall (it was called the “MOO MALL” would you believe) thinking it was a large and exciting one (since we were told the fish market was attached, plus all kinds of food stuff and fabrics etc.) Well, it’s tiny winny with not much going on.

There were about 1 produce vendor, 2 fish vendors a few cafes, one kimono store that allowed you to try on kimonos and a couple of bakeries.

Take a look at the prices.. understand that 1 US Dollar equals 100 Yen.  I think you might never eat fruit again!!! The Japanese actually bring fruit as gifts.




Picture from our cabin!

Taxis lined up and waiting for us!







That’s $55 for that crab!!!


That’s salmon roe and fish of every kind.6


Plastic food, Japan is known for their plastic food.9

Preparing some sort of smoked fish. It seems to be a snack


All through the Mall people were trying to connect with home. That’s a fish tank in the background.



The girls from the ship (Front Office) Having some fun.


Typical cafe


And what’s a blog of Japan without a sweetie Japanese Kid!



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