Finally, we are back in the USofA and have FANTASTIC wifi..

I am posting all the places we have been to since last we had internet. Sorry to have to bundle them together. I have had some problems.

1. I lost one blog post… Hamilton Island, Australia.. I have no idea where it went and I don’t remember posting it, so I will have to rewrite it.

2. SYDNEY, Australia… we spent 2 days with Tracy and family and I want to do that post justice by spending time so I need more time to put it together.. forgive me for not posting Sydney in the order it was suppose to be posted.

3. We will have 5 days at sea before we get to San Diego and I hope I will have time to write about Sydney and Penrith (where Trac lives), the crazy dessert extravaganza that the ship puts together, and post it when we get to San Diego.

We spend days at sea full of activities.. Wools calls it … “Cruise Camp”. The days at sea are full of lectures, cooking shows, knitting circles, FOOD, entertainment and tons of games, arts and crafts, watercolors and so many other things to do that there seems not to be enough hours in the day..  But I will get to it, I promise…

Hope all is well with everyone..

Love you all!!!




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