Apia, Samoa


Apia, Samoa

We have been here before but loved it then and love it now.. Apia is a beautiful island in the South Pacific with beautiful people.. Our cruise director kept reminding us how the people of Samoa are the most beautiful people in the world.. He kept saying that because he is Samoa. .but they really are beautiful people both inside and out.. (not everyone, but you will see!)

The last time we were in Samoa we went to town and to Robert Louis Stevenson’s home.. Vailia is the name of his home, about 3 miles from the center of town. So this time we just went snorkeling and unfortunately, my camera isn’t waterproof and we took Kal’s small camera, so if the pix aren’t great, sorry.. We wanted to be back in time for the Samoan show that was going to be on the ship at 3pm. We had an auction for a Samoan Youth Group. All the kids came aboard the ship and preformed for us.

There was a group dancing and singing for us as we arrived at the port, and they had tents set up with crafts and tee shirts for sale. GOD it was HOT…





We (Jim, Wools, Joe, Sylvia, Kal and I) to the beach which was just right outside the port.. just a few hundred yards away.


We paid the $2 entrance fee and passed the “changing rooms” on the way to the beach, good thing we wore our suits, YIKES





A Samoan Family


We got back to the ship in time to take showers and get to the show.. here are the beautiful people I was talking about..Aren’t these girls absolutely stunning?



The whole group



The Samoans have a tradition of “tattoos” where the men tattoo their entire body below the waist up to the knees..including their butts! They weren’t gonna show us, would have been fun, though!  Women just do their upper thighs.. can you imagine the hurt?



The belt of the outfit she is wearing is made out of the bark of a tree and is called Tapa and is dyed with natural vegetable dyes.

The day ended as good as it started.

Now we have 5 days at sea till we get to HAWAII ..

We are almost done with this leg of the journey!


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  1. That looked like some good wading/swimming in that crystal clear water! And you are right… Samoans are the sweetest people. I had two Samoan girls as roommates in college in Hawaii, Bali and Selu… lovely girls. Tapa cloth is very Hawaiian, also.

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