Lautoka, Fiji


Lautoka, Fiji

Everyone thinks that Fiji is one of those beautiful paradise islands in the South Pacific and in part that is true but we didn’t go there. Last time we went to Suva which is the capital city and it was way prettier and had beautiful beaches nearby where we could go snorkeling or even diving if we wished, but not this time. For some unknown reason we went to the other side of the island to Lautoka is just a city (town really) with a big sugar mill and food market. There really wasn’t much to do except walk around.. It was extremely HOT and HUMID!!!

Fiji is Melanesia which is nothing like French Polynesia (which is were Tahiti is).

The people of Fiji are different than the people of Bora Bora, or Tahiti. First off, they were cannibals until the 1930s or so.. Vanuatu (another island in the South Pacific were cannibals until 1958!!)

The craft markets are full of masks, kava bowls, and cannibal forks.. The forks come in different sizes for different parts.. Quite disgusting actually!



If you are asking what Kava is.. it’s a root that the locals grind up and make into a drink that they use in rituals.. it is kind of hallucinogenic. They use spit to make it soft and then add water and pass it around.. NASTY stuff but the bowls are beautiful, made out of the local wood (usually mahogany) and carved.




The veggies and fruit are amazingly fresh and cheap.. and the spices are sold by weight.. There are tons of Hindus in the town and you can see their influence in many of the shops with the typical jewelry.


While wandering the market we heard music and voices coming from outside and went to investigate.

There was a march going on for peace and getting rid of corruption..


All the women wear these colorful outfits and some stores sell Indian Saris too.


India’s Influence




The Raw Sugar Harvest. Trucks were coming in to the Mill by the dozens, full of sugar cane.



The train that transfers the sugar cane. You can just make out the railroad tracksDSCN8408

Waiting for the train. There were fields full of similar bundles of cane.


Up close and personal with the cane


Since our ship was parked in a commercial port there were fishing vessels everywhere unloading their catch, and drying their laundry


They freeze the fish right on the ship..

Below, it’s being loaded in a truck for delivery



This was a small port in the South Pacific but definitely not paradise!!


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  1. Aw… the natural surroundings are still beautiful, even tho it’s not commercially developed. I love the way that market looks! Instead of putting things in produce baskets, they just leave it in little piles on the table– LOL!

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