Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand

Wow, so this is the second time in my lifetime that I have been to Auckland and maybe my last.. and both times we have been washed out!!!

We have had great weather up to this point and now it is pouring! None of us have any real interest in getting out. Last time we went to the museum and that was great but we did get drenched getting back to the ship from there so this time we had no desire to go anywhere but we bundled ourselves up and headed out at least for a bit.

Since it really started to pour after a while, I really didn’t want to take out my camera to take pix so there won’t be many for Auckland..

Thank God there was a indoor shopping mall right near the pier where we were parked so we didn’t have far to go in the rain.

Since it was Sunday we had to wait until 11 for shops to open and we heard a rumor that there was a yarn shop at the Mall, so maybe it wouldn’t be a total wasted day!

A New Zealand Cowboy waiting to help us on our way. (Many of the towns we visited provided volunteers to help us find our way.)


Entrance to the Mall


Fire and water sculpture in front of the Mall.


The yarn shop at the Mall.. Who knew it was named after Wools???


A beautiful shawl of possum wool, can anyone figure out how it was made? Hopefully, I will be able to copy it.


Sky Tower. If it would have been a beautiful day, we were planning on having lunch at the top and take in the view and all the crazy bungee jumpers who jump from the top of the tower!


We ventured out a bit further when we thought the rain stopped for a bit and there was this older gentleman and his puppet on the street. The puppet danced to music.. it was adorable.


This is how they park their bikes when they enter the Mall.


The beginning of Christmas!!!


What I made from the yarn I purchased at the yarn shop (it was pretty cheap.. $2.50 a skein) The sweater just needs some buttons.. (Thanks Bon, for help in figuring out how to make button bands and other stuff!!!)

This is for Tiago, Wools and Jim’s grandson!! Good practice for when my kids have kids!!! Whoo Hoo!



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