Port of Waitangi, Bay of Islands, NZ


Port of Waitangi, Paihia

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

One thing I have realized, that once we left Sydney, Australia it seemed as if that was the turning point to our voyage and we all felt that we were ready to go home.. and from Sydney on the ports were not any that we look forward to. They were quant and lovely in their own ways but the atmosphere changed and many of us chose not to even get off the ship at certain ports.

We had been to Paihia on the last Grand Australia cruise we took in 2009.

It is a sweet little resort town for tourists from the North Island of New Zealand. NZ is broken up into 2 islands the North Island and the South Island.  Auckland is the Capital and largest city on the Northern Island and Wellington is the largest city on the Southern. Personally I prefer the Southern Island with Christ Church, Dunedin and other adorable cities, also Milford Sound (where they filmed Lord of the Rings) but we didn’t go to the South Island.

Back to Paihia.. We were tendered into the town where there was an Arts and Crafts show going on full of great crafts.. Paihia is full of artists who come together from surrounding towns to sell their wares. I couldn’t take too many pix of the items since they wouldn’t allow me, but I did sneak in a couple of shots.



The white picket fence is the entrance to the public library grounds right behind where the A&C fair was taking place.


This was a quilt tent with this quilt just hanging on the outside of the tent.


I fell in love with this wood turner.. His work is amazing but we couldn’t afford to buy one of his pieces they were way up there.. But absolutely beautiful.




There was this group of kids on the plaza who were preforming native Maori songs and dancing for a charity.


A replica of a Maori Canoe


The public toilet.. It was right there, open to the street with toilet planters on the roof, can you see them?? Hilarious!


We asked a local where is the best place to eat “Fish and Chips” and she directed us to “Vinny’s Take Out” and here is our lunch.. YUM and so very fresh! It came in butcher paper, wrapped up.. At least it wasn’t in newspaper!



Since there wasn’t that much to do except walk around and we did the town twice, after lunch we walked along the beach and then headed back to the ship.. There was a parasailing flying above the ship..


A woman walking her border collie on the beach . (for you Elayne!)


Some views from the tender!


Just outside of town!



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