Eden, Australia


Eden, Australia

I need to write about Sydney, but since Sydney is going to be a very long and special blog I want to save it for when we have many days at sea and I can concentrate on sharing the best pictures of the day with you. So, I am jumping over and writing about the stop after Sydney.

Eden was our last port of call in Australia.. so sad, wish we could continue our journey and stop in more places in Australia…

Eden is a sleepy little coastal town south of Sydney but North of Melbourne. It was pretty chilly when we got there.

Eden and the southern part of Australia and New Zealand are pretty close to the Antarctica, which makes it pretty chilly even in the summer, and it is basically late spring now coming into summer.



There is a very nice winding pathway winding up the hill to the town above called Warren Walk. You can’t walk along the road it is not made for pedestrians so you must take this winding path, which we did. Once you reach the top there are volunteers who greet you with a sticker that says you have reached the “summit”.



As we wandered the main street in the town we came across a pub that had a collection of: (This is for you L’via)


Snow Globes from all 50 States in the USA.. So weird..

Eden was a Whaling town, which means that the fishing fleet in Eden hunted whales. The local story is that  is that there was one Orca whale that they called “Old Tom” who helped the fishermen catch the other whales. He and his group of Orcas (also known as Killer Whales) would work together to round up the other whales so that the fishermen could capture and kill the other whales. But now that whaling is banned and Old Tom has since died the practice has stopped and so now whales come to Eden to spawn and you can see whales up and down the area. (Not while we were there, though..) We heard that a entire pod of whales were there the day before. Whenever someone in town sees whales they sound the alarm and everyone comes out of their homes to see them. Most homes are situated in a way that they all have views of the sea.



Looks like any other sleepy hill town near the ocean, doesn’t it?

Mel, ever think you would see a boat named after you? (Even if the owner doesn’t know how to spell??)


The only yarn in the whole town.. located in the discount store.. Not very good stuff and over 2 hours to Melbourne to find a real yarn shop, ouch!! We saw some arts and crafts stores that were selling simple hats, scarves and baby sweaters out of this yarn.. UGH.. Can you see on the bottom shelf they have the ruffle yarn?? So many women on the ship were making that stuff. I wouldn’t call it knitting per se!


What’s this about??? What’s a Svitzer??? A sweaty boat??? HUH???



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  1. Eden is a prettylittle town. You are right that yarn is the really cheap acrylic sold in all the $2 stores , Looks like they are .49 cents dearer than the other stores most sell it $2 a ball or 6 for $10. Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts.

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