Shanghai, China Part 5


Shanghai, China Part 5

Part 5

We went into the Bank of China to exchange some Yen into Yuan (Chinese money) and had to fill out 3 different forms and show all our identification it took close to a half hour. This is the interior of the bank. The dollar is about 6.28 Yuan to the Dollar the day we were in Shanghai..

Many of the buildings are beautiful inside and out and others are totally dilapidated. During the Olympics the Government wanted to save face and gave a lot of the old buildings facelifts.. But only on the outside, basically a coat of paint so that it looked like they took care of their buildings but it was just a facelift and none of the interiors were rehabbed. For the Chinese it is all about “Face”.

Shanghai is a city of over 25 Million people but it is built in such a way that you don’t feel like there are so many people. In the main district (The Bund) you feel like you are in Manhattan or any other large US city. Most streets are wide and the buildings are high so there seems to be enough space for everyone. Look at the size of the interior of the bank.


Here are some of these beautiful buildings that have been built in the last 10 years.The architecture is fantastic.



Plus, there are some amazing Art Deco buildings that were built during the turn of the century until 1929, mostly by Baghdad, Iraqi Jews such as the Sassoon and Kadoori families, but more on that later.


Do you see the building with the large opening at the top? There is a glass observation platform at the top.You can walk on glass and can look straight down to the street.. here are a couple of close ups.


Now look at what this beautiful city looks like at night. Many of the buildings have little light shows, such as twinkling lights and changing colored lights. It was beautiful.





On to Hong Kong.. Not sure when I will add the Jewish Heritage Tour, but eventually I will.

Internet has been non existent In Shanghai, internet is free all over the city, but you have to have a Chinese cell phone to log on. They send a txt to the phone which you then use as a password to get on. Well, who has a Chinese cell phone????? And is this just another way for “big brother” to monitor your computer? HMMMM !


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  1. We are really enjoying the blog. Your photos are terrific. You must have a great camera. Keep up the good work!! Orlin and Barbara

  2. Nina, I love your blogs. Have you gotten alot knitting done on your trip? I sure hope you get to buy some yarn. The pics are wonderful. Miss you, hurry home soon.

  3. Oh, by the way, yes I did notice the apparel that all of the young kids are wearing. Trying to be fashionable with little to do it with. You could probably sell your clothing there and make a ton of money. Oh, I love that kife that you bought. Again I absolutely love the pics.

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