Shanghai, China Part 1


Shanghai, China

Part 1

Since we went on this fantastic tour the first day and K is way better with explaining and remembering the names and dates that will be associated with the Jewish Heritage Tour we went on ..I am going to start with the second day first and tackle the first day later. I will say that the tour took 4.5 hours and we really saw how Jews lived during the time it was OK to live in Shanghai (from the 1800s to 1949 when the Communists came to power). The guide was an Israeli expat who lives in Shanghai and we felt like we had a professor explaining it all to us.

One thing we realized is that there is an undercurrent of big brother watching.. While on this tour at the model of the original synagogue we encountered another tour given by a Chinese woman and overheard her talking about how China took care of their Jews etc. totally exaggerating the facts, but we will continue later on that.

We arrived to a beautiful morning..The ship parked at the terminal which is right near the Bund. The Bund is the heart of Shanghai’s business district and both sides of the ship had amazing views..

Views from the ship





What is so amazing is that all these buildings have been built during the last 10 years. Before everything here was marsh land. We all stood in awe.

Our second day started and we decided to go shopping.The first day was reserved for the tour and by the time we got back we were pretty exhausted, but since the vans dropped us off near the major pedestrian mall we walked around a little to window shop and check out the stores,  We brought one thing only since everything seems really expensive. When we got back to the ship, though, the item was confiscated it, the security man who checks the bags through the    X-ray machine did a double take and stopped us, I guess he didn’t expect to find that in my bag..I’ll get it back when we dock in Fort Lauderdale but I am so excited that I finally found the perfect kitchen knife and it wasn’t so expensive.. whoo hoo.. Damascus steel, hand forged, 8 inch kitchen knife with an ebony handle… I am so excited!!!!   


Sitting on a bench on the street people watching,  I  noticed  that the Chinese, unlike the Japanese, don’t have a clue how to dress.. There are more fashion victims here than anywhere else I have ever seen. It’s as if they all are in the 90s.. or even the 80s. They have no clue.

fashion 4Fashion

fashion 2DSCN3035Boys 3

Pantsfashion 3


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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure, it’s all so interesting. I’m so excited 3 weeks today you will be here. I hope it doesn’t disappoint after all the amazing places you have been.

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