Beijing, China Part 3


Beijing, China Part 3

On the grounds of the Temple, in front of the gates, people were playing games, and there was a class of kids drawing the Temple. We found the teacher, too.



We even found a bunch of women knitting and crocheting.


First we found ourselves at a Silk Factory. We saw how the process of making silk works. Silk is extremely strong and versatile. You can make duvets out of silk, or clothes or fine bed linens. You can see how they stretch the silk fibers over screens to strengthen them.. Eventually they can be pulled like strudel dough for producing a quilt.





We barely made it back to the ship, getting there just 15 minutes before All Aboard. On the way we saw many more cities being built.

A last look at Beijing.


Our little group!


Thank you so very much, Marianne for arranging this great excursion! (She’s the one in the middle sitting on the ground in the purple hoodie).

Our next stop – Shanghai.

Stay tuned……….


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