Jeju City, South Korea Part 2


Jeju City, Korea

Part 2

This, though, is definitely something seriously smart and cool that is all over Asia..

You see AED defibrillators everywhere.. hope USA gets with that program, it might save tons of lives.


Thought this was a clever centerpiece near the hotel buffet.


Walking around the town, all the restaurants had huge fish tanks full of all kinds of fish waiting to be cooked.. Some had huge King Crab, squid, octopus and other fish..


We had no idea what type of store this was until we peeked in.. It was a Restaurant.


How can you sit and eat this way?


This was a surprise, but again no one wanted to buy a dozen donuts for the dinner table..


On the way back to the ship we came across 4 hard hats waiting for the workers to show up..


And check this out.. a worker hanging away above the ship, I love my new camera!



OK sorry I had nothing to say, but wait.. there will be more.. Beijing is next and we have an overnight so there will be tons to talk about and tons of pix..

Posted from Shanghai…..



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