Jeju City, South Korea Part 1


Jeju City, South Korea part 1

Part 1

Jeju City is the Cancun of South Korea.


It’s an island south of the mainland where people go to honeymoon and vacation, so it’s a sleepy sort of town.

There are a couple of beautiful beaches that were on the south side of the island and way too far for us to travel, plus the weather was beautiful but not warm enough for us.

There are also some parks one with a  sculpture garden, bonsai garden and lava tubes you can get to, but we didn’t go, the park was about 40 miles away and we had no desire to pay a taxi a small fortune to get there.

So we (Jim, Wools, Kal and I)  took the shuttle into town, since there was NOTHING to do near the ship, and got off at the Ramada Hotel. Beautiful hotel with the best possible thing we could ever ask for… a fast, free internet!!! We were all over it.. At least Ellen was, while Ken and Kal yapped…Jim wandered off  to take pictures and Wools disappeared!


Once we got that done we headed back, thinking we could take the  hop-on, hop-off bus.. But we screwed up the timing and arrived too late and the next bus was in 2 hours.. We also realized that if we got off it would be 2 hours until the next bus showed up, so we chose to go back to the Ramada and see what’s around…We walked to an underground bazaar which SUCKED and so have no pix of it.

So according to Wools and me this was the highlight of the day!!

DSCN1719  DSCN1720

You might wonder why they will spend tons of money for a toilet that has tons of options but don’t buy a seat that fits??

We tried all the buttons but we think that they work only when there is weight on the seat and we didn’t want to try that out.

But the hotel was lovely.


Can you see everyone on their computers below?

They had this great buffet with a sushi chef.. But no one wanted to eat there.


and of course, a gift shop


The stone statues are replicas of the stone statues you would find at the park.

I don’t know what the meaning of the pigs are, but they are cute!


Come on guys, give me a break.. Jeju City really had nothing special to offer us and we knew that we are approaching e 2 crazy days in Beijing,  so we really wanted this day to be a relaxing easy day.

Continuation of this post will continue on new page.


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