The Beginning Aisa 2012


Asia Australia Grand Voyage 2012 – The Beginning

Our flight was uneventful, even my pointy, sharp, metal knitting needles didn’t get any attention at security..

We had a stopover in Denver (the mile high city) but since we stayed at the airport (we only had an hour between flights) didn’t get to see a thing. This was our dinner.



It really isn’t any fun dragging 4 giant suitcases plus 5 carry-ons around Seattle Airport. They have been working on the Airport for years now and you have to go up and down stairs to get outside to the right place. But it was done and we arrived at the hotel exhausted. Fell right into bed..

The next morning we met old friends at breakfast and as soon as we did, it felt like we are finally there (even though we still had to drag ourselves and all our luggage to the ship).

Once we arrived at the port we were greeted with lovely smiles and champagne, finished our check in and went to the ship with great anticipation of great things to come.




We dropped our stuff in the room and ran to the trough (Buffet Lunch in the Lido) to see who else had arrived.. We hooked up with all our old cruising buddies and had lunch.

The first day at sea was for chilling and unpacking.. The second started all the activities. We had Tai Chi, Watercoloring, Lectures about the ports we will see, Lectures about Globalization, Lectures about the sea, Different health issue talks, Arts and Crafts with Nancy Grace, fantastic instructor, and Sit and Knit.. This time they didn’t supply any yarn or needles. Since I was in the middle of a sock, 2 people approached me to see if I can teach them.. Good thing I brought patterns and extra needles with me.

The next day we were told to get ready for some rough seas… OH BOY, we spent the second night in our room, miserable. You have got to get your sea legs going, so hopefully today we will and the rough seas won’t matter to much.

The Pacific Ocean is way rougher that the Atlantic in my opinion.

We still have 4 or 5 days to get to our first port. Once there, hopefully we will find Wi-fi and I will be able to post my first post!.


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  1. Hey there.. So good to hear from you.. glad to know that you have reached the other side of the ocean. How is Kal feeling? Keep us posted.
    Love you

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