Natchez to Florida


And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I traveled each and ev’ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way

This is the last page of this leg of the journey.. We have arrived and have settled in and now that we are back up and running after a week and a half of traveling this beautiful country of ours, I have the opportunity to write the last post of this road trip.

It was fun, but after a while, it does get old sleeping in mediocre hotels and motels, eating fast food, and sitting for hours in a car, so it is awesome to be able to hug my kids after such a long separation and see them on a daily basis…

Well, back to it…. We woke in Vicksburg after spending the weekend there and headed out to Natchez, MS.

On the way we passed some really nice towns one of which was Port Gibson which had some lovely tree lined streets and some very interesting buildings.. One church had the weirdest steeple I have seen.. I get it.. that the hand of God is pointing towards Heaven… but I have never seen anything like this..

Then we saw a building that was a Synagogue.

We chose to stop and look around Natchez after Bonnie couldn’t stop talking about how lovely it was, and she was right.

Natchez is a beautiful old Southern town with antebellum homes and manicured lawns. Beautiful tree lined streets.

Our major problem was that it was Sunday.. and everything (or almost everything) was closed, including some Plantations that I really was looking forward to seeing. By now you all must know just how much I love old houses and architecture. Well, Natchez is the place to see it, from beautiful wrap around porches to old Victorians.

Look at the wrought iron work on these windows below and a canon in front of your house, no need for an watch dog!

The Plantations weren’t open when we got there, it was too early.. so we drove into town and found these lovely homes.. way too many to show here, but this is a small selection.

My favorite tree in all it’s glory!

So many of the houses are for sale, which is a shame. The atmosphere was not the same as in Vicksburg but maybe it was because it was Sunday and all shops etc were closed. But one place was open…

As it said on the side of their delivery truck:  “SWINE DINING AT IT”S BEST!”  The smell of the BBQ was killing me and I couldn’t do anything about it!! UGH!!! But there was the most beautiful old Buick in the driveway and the owner was just pulling out… the car was in perfect condition, the owner (a woman) said the car was beautiful but what a money pit.. I can believe it..

We went down to the Gazebo and the Mississippi river from there …. what a beautiful River!!!

K standing in front of the Gazebo on the Mighty Mississippi..

We passed a small field which said.. Forks in the Road.. had no idea what it meant and decided to stop and find out.

OMG, who knew that it was the spot where they sold slaves, I got chills up my spine, it was so creepy..

Even though it was just a small field it was sacred grounds, that’s for sure..  It was at the fork in the road where the buyers gathered to buy slaves..

OH, I forgot… as we headed into town we turned to see the Rosewood Plantation, of course, it wasn’t going to open for a couple more hours but the road was beautiful and we could peek through the trees at the house. (couldn’t take a good pic sorry). The house was surrounded by a scalloped brick wall, I never saw a scalloped brick wall before..

At the end of the road was a little one room church and I can just picture the slaves of the plantation gathering on Sunday for worship in this little church on their one day of rest.. and that they still worship there is just fantastic.. what a great tribute to all the worshipers throughout the years.

We finished our day in Natchez and since I was so tired of the trip already, we decided to drive straight through Alabama into Florida.

It seemed as if the weather decided to help us along with our decision and it started pouring…

Mobile Alabama…..

The sky cleared up enough for us to pass the US Alabama Battleship Park in Mobile, AL.

and the Memorial for the fallen at the Field of Valor. It really is a moving site, seeing all those flags flapping in the wind, knowing that

each one represents a fallen solider!


Once it got dark and we were starving I begged not to eat another veggie burger at Burger King, we found this great Thai restaurant

in Mobile.. the food was great the atmosphere was great and we had our last dinner in a decent restaurant..Spicy Fish and Tofu! Yum

The drove as far as we could go, entering Florida and heading for I 75, with just a quick nap to get us over the hump.

Rained all day long, but finally we arrived…

It was a great trip with some really interesting and beautiful stops along the way.

I am sorry we couldn’t visit with some of my friends but I know (hope that) there will always be a next time..

We had a great time but it’s great to finally stop and settle in for a while and spend quality time with the people and pets you love.

My boy Roscoe!!!                                                                                     Happy Trails, till next time!!!


2 responses »

  1. Thanks for the blog, it’s so interesting and how could you not love those big brown eyes that greated you when you got there!

  2. I would so love to be able to meet you in Natchez and show you all the wonderful places I have discovered. You would LOVE the history there. Maybe in the future we could plan to do that. It would take several days…

    I think someone was pulling your leg about the little church. It doesn’t look anywhere near old enough to have been around when there were slaves.

    There are some really cool things in Port Gibson, too… If I had realized you were going through it I could have directed you to the Ruins of Windsor, which you have undoubtedly seen in many movies.

    This is what I love about living in this part of the country… all this Civil War history is so fascinating. Thanks for the visual reminders!

    Adorable doggy face!

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