Vicksburg, MS


We arrived at 10:30pm.. (We always seem to arrive late at night)

We checked out one motel and it actually had roaches.. UGH, so we quickly left and found another motel that was way better than expected.

The next morning we started exploring Vicksburg. Vicksburg was the site of a major battle in the Civil War, and the whole town looks like a page out of “Gone with the Wind”.

It was hot and humid so we just drove around town. There is a whole park dedicated to the battle with plaques all around showing where the Union and Confederate troops were positioned at Vicksburg, as well as plaques commemorating the Generals who fought in the Civil War.

We saw both amazing Civil War homes along side …

There were some really cool sites along the way.. We were walking down a street in the center of town and came across

YARN BOMBING. I tried to find the person who did it, but everyone said that the woman was out of town.

Around town there were a few very interesting quirky places, here is one of them.

We read about this other quirky place just outside of town called “The Tomato Place” and had to check it out.

It’s adorable,  we decided to have lunch and what a lunch it was. They had Salmon Po’boys, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, fried yams.. frito pies and fresh squeezed lemonade. Terrible for you but so good.. There was a sauce on the Po’boy that was amazing. It’s called Mississippi Fever and of course we had to buy some..

Our lunch corner


Notice the “Shoo Fly” on the window sill?

We come to find out from the owner’s daughter that her father open the place years ago after he spent some time in the Caribbean. Loved the shacks and colors and decided to open here and serve great food.

They also sell jams, jellies, sauces and fresh baked breads, all handmade by the Dad.


Mallory writing a label on the Mississippi Fever we purchased.



To me the craziest thing in Vicksburg is the levees. Imagine that this concrete wall holds out all the water that could flood the entire town if the Mighty Mississippi decides to crest.. SCARY…


Right on the other side of this Levee is the river. and across the way from the Levee are houses.

Tomorrow we head out to Natchez, MS. B talked so much about it, we have to spend some time there.


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  1. You showed me some new places… I’ll have to look for the Tomato Place. The River does rise dangerously high after big rains further north. That winter there was all the snowfall (the one before last?) by Spring all our river towns were sandbagged and under water. Vicksburg, Natchez, and Memphis…

    Hey, you guys should have gone to spend some time in Memphis. Such a fun place!! The music and food can’t be beat… Endless good restaurants.

  2. so glad you are finding some fun sights in our little state:)….Bonnie is right about the flooding…The Mississippi is an awesome sight when its that high. You should see Venice La….talk about eerie…levees hold back the mouth of the Mississippi AND the Gulf of Mexico….Natchez is great too. Enjoy your day:)

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