Murfreesboro, AK


We arrived in Murfreesboro, MS… A little place that is a big tourist site for hunting for diamonds… It’s the only diamond site that is open to the public…

The town is very cute with B&Bs and shops selling stones and tons of “crap” (otherwise known as adorable nicknacks).

We stayed in the Queen of Diamonds Inn. It got great reviews on Traveladvisor, but when we got there the room was totally shabby. The thing I hate about traveling like this, is that you will never quite know what you get. We try to check the rooms before we agree to pay but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

But the next day we headed out to the Crater.

Here are some pictures of my prospector searching for diamonds…

K working at the wet sifting station, determined to find diamonds for me!

He worked and worked like a busy little beaver going back into the field to dig up more dirt and then sift sift sift until he found……

Absolutely, NOTHING!!!! But we had a great time playing in the mud..

We clean ourselves up from all the mud and headed out to Vicksburg, Mississippi.


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