Albuquerque and Santa Fe


We headed out toward Albuquerque and Santa Fe, driving down the highway with some detours onto Rt 66..

We saw the sign for the Continental Divide and had to see what that was all about.. The Continental Divide is where the line runs basically thru the middle of the USA which divides the waterways of the USA… On the east side of the Divide the water runs to the Atlantic Ocean and on the west side it runs to the Pacific… It was really quite sad.. all there was was this..

It was very lonely down RT 66 with only the occasional big truck driving by. The road runs along the rail tracks and you really can see how old it all is.. RT 66 was the first road to run from Chicago to California… and since the highways came along, drivers seem to forget about the great roads built years ago.. Every few minutes another massive long train comes by blowing its horn.. I feel bad for anyone who lives near the tracks, so much noise.. they must lose their hearing. And the train runs about every 4 minutes, can you just imagine it?

As we drove into Albuquerque (planning on just passing thru) we saw a sign for the Air Balloon Museum and since I love Hot Air Balloons we decide to make a stop.. Who knew they were closed on Mondays.. BOO HOO.. I was able to take a couple of pix from the door and whatever was outside.




I would have loved to look around… Maybe next time?? Not sure if there will be a next time.. I am getting tired of this type of traveling. Different hotels every night, and you are never sure if they are any good or not.. and I am becoming a true germophob!!!

Once we saw that the museum was closed it was time to head out to Santa Fe.. We had heard that Santa Fe was a lovely old artsy town and we looked forward to checking it out. It’s only about 45 minutes from Albuquerque so not too bad.


Driving into Santa Fe, doesn’t look like much.. The one thing is that you get a good feeling about it.. It feels like good things are happening there. You see tons of commercial construction and all the shopping plazas are full of cars and people. I guess Santa Fe is doing OK in this economy.

We checked into the hotel we chose,, What we do is find a McDonald’s and park outside, we piggy back off their wifi (which is free) and search for hotels in the area according to the ratings people have given them, then we check the hotel out in person.

In Santa Fe this one particular hotel got tons of fantastic reviews and the price was extremely reasonable so we headed out and checked in, it was on the way out of town, which suits us just fine. After unpacking we headed to old town. The best part is the architecture, it is mostly old adobe type structures, which I love.

Here is an example of a newer structure.. This is a hotel in the middle of Old Town…



But this is a picture of the oldest usable home in the USA..


You can see the difference in the Adobe materials used. The further away is the older version of Adobe and the part closer is the newer addition, but both are old. The older version is a mix of clay, hay and silt. When you go up close and personal to it you actually can see the little pieces of hay that was mixed in.


We walked the streets all around and visited a number of interesting shops and Churches.

San Migel is the Oldest Church in the USA too.. Actually, Santa Fe is the oldest State Capital in the USA. And the only Capital building without a dome on it.. But here is San Migel


One Church we were told we must go see, The Church Loretto was built in the eighteenth century and has a very interesting story.

Supposedly, they wanted to build a circular staircase to reach the loft above, but had no idea how to do it.  All of a sudden a man appeared and said ” I can do it” and what he built was a circular staircase without any structural or supporting beams. Once he finished building it, he disappeared.  Outside of the Church is a tree that is covered with Rosarys. People seem to lay Rosarys on the tree and say a prayer. No one knew how it started or what they call the tree, so I just called it the “Praying Tree” (How simple is that?)

When the staircase was first built, there were no railings and here is a picture of the original..


Now of course, they don’t let you on at all and have put railings and supports.. which I personally think takes away from the miracle.. If this person built it and it is truly a miracle, wouldn’t it last for all eternity??? The Church shouldn’t be worried about something happening to it. But that’s  JMHO!!!




I found a lovely store that sold weaved shawls.. She had her “loom” in the shop and some of her yarns.. She gets them specially made by Adirondack yarns… they were lovely… I couldn’t take a shot, sorry.

We had dinner at a lovely Asian Restaurant and since you all love food.. here is a pix of dinner that we had.


We went back to the hotel and crashed.. Who knew what will be next… and that we wouldn’t find another hotel room for the next night and have to sleep in the Van… UGH….

Next stop Amarillo, TX…  which we flew by!!!

I know I am a little late with the posts but we get spotty internet service sometimes.. So please bear with me…



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  1. Lovely photos Nina. Thank you! I had heard that miracle about the staircase before, and I agree– the railings added are ugly!

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