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Sunday July 30, 2012


On the road again!!!

Isn’t that a song??

I am sitting in a darkened hotel room the next morning (Monday) waiting for K to wake up.. boy that boy can sleep!!! Wish I could!!!


So after a good breakfast (buckwheat waffles and eggs and REAL maple syrup) with K and C we headed out on our adventure cross country, not having a clue which way we want to go…

Drove through Flagstaff AZ.. temps were in the low 70’s .

For all of those who don’t know Flagstaff, it is a large city in the AZ mountains.. Unlike where we lived in the Desert, Flagstaff area is called the hill country because of it’s higher elevations.  Temps in Flagstaff are usually 30 to 40 degrees cooler than in Phoenix. Most Phoenicians drive to Flag and the surrounding areas to cool off from the summer heat..

Flagstaff is a college town and so it’s pretty busy, plus they have a number of ski resorts in the winter (they get a good bit of snow, obviously!) Some great restaurants and shops, but since we just left Prescott and no way were we hungry, we just pressed on.. and we have been there often enough that it didn’t excite us to stop..


Driving into Flag… The boulders are amazing, aren’t they??



We realize that we are driving on the famous RT 66, if you want to know more about RT 66 you can read about it here.

Not sure how far we will go on RT 66 but we will stay on it for a while and see where it takes us. Probably turn off somewhere in Tenn. We will see..

We turned off the road to a town called Hollbrook. If any of you saw the movie “CARS” it takes place in a small town in AZ, Hollbrook, is the place that they copied and animated for the movie, and I wanted to see it.. The diner is the same, the Ford Car dealership is the same.. Much cuter in the movie though!!!!


You can see the dealership further up the road from the DQ. (Dairy Queen).


Since the Petrified Forest is right in the same neighborhood, we decide to check some of it out and turned into a shop that was selling tons of the stuff. We didn’t think we had enough time to get to the forest and look around, I wanted to check out the Painted Desert instead.

So you see, there really is a place called the Petrified Forest!!!! Basically it is trees that have been fossilized so that they are hard like rocks… but once they are cut and polished they are beautiful and extremely expensive.. a coffee table made from a slice of petrified wood can be upwards of $800.. That’s alot for a coffee table.. IMHO!

All this stuff are NOT rocks but wood.. I should have taken a pix of a finished table.. Oh well.. sorry….



From there we decided to drive through  the Painted Desert which is another National Park, good thing K has a  pass for all the National Parks, you pay once and you can enter all National Parks for free…. It was getting late (6:30pm) and I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time before dark, but an hour was plenty to drive around and see…
The sun was starting to set and you can tell how the light played off the rocks and hills none of these pix are doctored, that is the real color.. You can tell that once upon a time this was all covered with water.. but not anymore. There were tons of fossilized shells and fish in rocks taken from this area, and even remnants of dinosaurs, which we saw at the shop with the petrified wood.



The sun hitting the hills just right to make them this amazing orange red color..

At the top of the Desert there is a perfect example of an adobe type home.. At one point this home was the Painted Desert Inn, it is not in service right now, if it was, I would have loved to have stayed overnight.

We got out just in time for closing as the sun was setting and headed on. We reached Gallup, AZ around 9pm and found a hotel for the night.

Couldn’t find a decent restaurant open, not one.. and had to buy sandwiches from the Gas Station.. now that’s what I call “dinner!” UGH…

Once K gets up we will be on our way again..


Have a good day…



1st Leg of the Road Trip – Phoenix to Prescott, AZ


We finished all the work that needed to be done to close the house and off we went. Bye bye Desert and dry HEAT!!

On the way out of Phoenix we were so close to a LYS and I convinced K to stop and let me roll around in the yarn..

The shop was full of needlework, and yarn. The shopkeeper doesn’t have a website or anything to do with the internet yet she sells Signature Needles. I tried my first pair. They were way lighter than I thought. Not bad.. but not totally amazing, I thought the points would be sharper.

I purchased 3 skeins of SOCK yarn.. and love them… gonna post pix on KP.. The red, white and blue yarn is from Prescott. More on that shop later.

We started driving North, planning on visiting with a friend in Prescott for the evening and thought that the next morning we would head out, but we were having such a great time, we were invited to spend the weekend, and since we want to take it easy and spend as much time as possible checking out this magnificent country,  we accepted happily.

Prescott is a lovely little town with some beautiful old Victorian homes and Painted Lady homes. It has a great town square that has festivals and art fairs surrounded with artsy fartsy shops. Love Prescott..

SO off we went driving up Rt. 17 only to dead stop halfway to Prescott because of a terrible accident. We waited over an hour for it to be cleared.. I can only hope that everyone in the accident was able to walk away!!!!

We arrived to cool weather (about 30 degrees cooler) among the pines..

Our friend has a magnificent home in the woods of Prescott with a babbling brook running through the property.

We slept like babies in a room that comes straight out of a B&B,  and haven’t stopped talking since we walked in.

We spent the day out driving around (with the windows open, would you believe???) Stopped in a great yarn shop right near her home.

It was full of serious weaving, spinning tools. She even had sheep wool before it is processed. She couldn’t wind it because there was a class going on (weaving), so K will have to help once we get to FL.

We will start traveling again come Sunday toward Albuquerque and spend a few days in Santa Fe.

Happy Trails!!!