Manaus, Brazil – Day 2



Last night when Nina and I went out to the Rabbi’s home the taxi driver began hacking and coughing as soon as we were in the taxi and on the way.  I think I must have caught something from him, as today when I woke up I was not feeling well, so I spent the entire day in bed, resting and recuperating, and got up just in time to prepare for evening Kabbalat Shabbat (Welcoming the Sabbath) prayer services.

That was our 2nd day in Manaus, but it wasn’t really so bad, as both of us had been here before, and between our prior visit and the amount of walking and sight-seeing we did yesterday, I think we have pretty much covered what interested us here in Manaus. 

I am still in a bit of wonderment that this bustling city of over 2 million people has no roads that lead to it, but that the Amazon River is its highway, its freeway, its arterial traffic way, and that EVERYTHING – every car, every bus, every truck, every piece of food, clothing machinery – EVERYTHING – is brought into the city via this great river, to a large city located a thousand miles from nowhere and surrounded by the Amazon jungle……

Well, I (Nina) went out with Ellen to shop for what I was hoping would be the same Keratin treatment I use at home to straighten my hair. (The original treatment is called the Brazilian Blowout, so you assume it comes from Brazil, right??)  Well, Ellen and I decided not to take the cameras since we were going to be alone and brave the humid, hot climate.  We walked through the open air market until we found a store that specializes in hair products. The only clerk who spoke English, took us directly to the most expensive products that come from USA… So we said thanks but no thanks, and on the way out… I found exactly what I wanted, made in Brazil, and costing at least a 1/3rd less than the others.

We kept walking. The day before we passed, what looked like this great store with what seemed like authentic Amazon things, jewelry, baskets etc. but yesterday when we passed the store was closed, today is was sealed shut with shutters, so no luck there. We stopped for some seriously good Brazilian espresso.




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