When we leave the ship in a port where we anticipate the weather will be hot, we often first have a cup of ice cold lemonade fore leaving the dock.  Nina is having a cup of the “mellow yellow” as we head out to a very unique neighborhood in Buenos Aires.


P1100662 (1050x1400) (574x800)

Today we headed out to the La Boca area of Buenos Aires – what used to be and is still  touted as the bohemian area of the city.  La Boca is one of the most colorful sections, literally, of any city we’ve ever been to.  La Boca is a working class neighborhood, and supposedly it was colored by the fact that the people who lived there years ago couldn’t afford to buy a single color of paint to paint their houses, so they used leftovers of many different colors to paint. 

Today La Boca retains  some of that bohemian flavor, although  because it has become a favorite tourist venue in Buenos Aires, it has become much more commercialized, with many shop vendors, and with tango and “folklorico” restaurants (you eat, they dance) in addition to the artistic quality of the area.

In talking about La Boca, a picture is worth a thousand words, so what follows is a 30,000+ word view La Boca:

This is the main street from which we enter La Boca:

P1100920 (800x590)

P1100741 (531x800)

P1100666 Stitch (1400x400) (800x229)

P1100709 (591x800)

P1100694 (600x800)

P1100693 (800x580)

P1100678 (800x422)

P1100674 - Copy (800x452)

P1100676 (800x315)

P1100677 (800x537)

P1100692 (800x600)

P1100702 (800x578)

P1100707 (800x600)

P1100712 (583x800)

P1100715 (800x444)

P1100718 (800x576)

P1100723 (800x600)

P1100736 (800x594)

P1100744 (800x588)

P1100745 (800x592)

P1100747 (566x800)

P1100750 (1400x1050) (800x609)

P1100757 (800x604)

P1100762 (800x589)

TAN  GO ! GO ! GO !


P1100777 (569x800)

P1100810 (800x593)

P1100881 (589x800)

P1100899 (557x800)

P1100919 (800x486)

P1100773 (597x800)

P1100923 (800x590)

At the end of our visit to La Boca Nina traded in her Border Patrol cap

P1100768 (800x599)


for a new chapeau.

P1100954 (600x800)

And then…….back to the ship and on to Montevideo tomorrow !


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