Today was a cruising day, which is always laid back.  The Chilean fjords are at the southern and southwest tips of South America are actually quite remote and almost completely inaccessible except by boat, so cruising the fjords means sitting on the ship’s deck and watching the lovely scenery as we sail through these pristine waters.  It also means chatting with friends and catching up on little “projects” you might have undertaken while on board.

Ever buy, from Costco, for example, “Farm-Raised Salmon” that came from Chile? Well, here’s where it comes from….salmon farms in the cold south Chilean waters.  The hoops are a kind of submerged tank in which the salmon swim and the white things floating on the water are actually styrofoam-type buoys that support fishing nets.


039 (1024x766)

IMG_1509 (1400x787) (1024x576)

Southern Chile is quite picturesque, especially as you slowly float along a river channel

IMG_1513 (1400x759) (1024x542)

IMG_1520 (1400x730) (1024x534)

IMG_1524 (1024x557)

More salmon nets…..

IMG_1523 (1400x779) (1024x568)

Here’s Nina and our friend Susan from Boston, the on-board water color instructor

037 (1024x756)

Both girls are knitting (what else is new?) and Nina is studying up on a new pattern……

IMG_1514 (1024x834)

for socks……

IMG_1516 (1024x577)

Meet our friends Rev. Dick and Pat Buzby from North Carolina….Dick is a retired Army chaplain and the Protestant minister on board ship.  We sailed with them a couple of years ago to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

IMG_1533 (1024x575)

And here is the back of the head of Father John Vetere, the Roman Catholic priest on board…the coolest Catholic priest we have ever met….Kal took this photo because it reminded him of pictures of Dominican monks who shaved the center part of their heads in medieval times….anyone know why?. 

IMG_1557 (551x1024)

Father John has spent his career as a teacher rather than as a parish priest.  Nobody on board has ever seen him wearing a collar.  At Mass he puts on vestments but never a collar…..he bounces around the ship in T-shirts and running pants….a great conversationalist and story-teller with a terrific sense of humor.  Very down-to-earth….our kinda guy….

Of course food plays a big role on cruise ships.  But unlike short cruises, when you cruise for months at a time you aren’t thinking to “earn back” the fare you paid for the cruise by eating it. By an large, the food on this cruise has been good but uninspired.  This concerns Nina deeply, and here she is, sitting in the Lido Dining Room between meals, contemplating what to do about it……

IMG_1534 (1024x570)

Aha !!  Some ideas !  Nina decides to discuss them with one Rainier, one of the chefs, who lives in Davie, Florida…… 

IMG_1543 (1024x737)

Rainier really likes Nina and Susan.  He prepares special meals-to-order for each of them nearly every day…..IMG_1625 (2) (1023x1024)

One of the lovely things on ship that all too often goes unnoticed is the lovely floral arranging that takes place.  The floral arrangements on board are always lovely, but sometimes they are absolutely outstanding, creative and inspired.  This one uses tropical leaves at the bottom of the arrangement, folded over for bulking effect, along with multi-colored daffodils (?)…….

IMG_1626 (1024x1024)

Cruising…….it’s a dirty job, but SOMEBODY has to do it……

So we cruise for much of the day, passing by beautiful scenery,

IMG_1560 (1024x1024)

IMG_1606 (1024x1024)

IMG_1564 (1024x1024)

IMG_1602 (1400x1400) (800x534)

until we come to a part of the fjords known as Glacier Alley

IMG_1590 (1400x1400) (800x800)

IMG_1591 (1400x1400) (800x800)

and the Amalia Glacier

IMG_1565 (1024x1024)

And as the sun sets in the sky late in the evening,

IMG_1612 (1024x1024) (800x800)

around 9:30 PM because we are so far south of the equator and it’s summer here,

IMG_1615 (1024x1024) (800x800)

we know that tomorrow

IMG_1616 (1024x1024) (800x800)

is going to be another great day.

IMG_1619 (1024x1024) (800x800)


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