Valparaiso, Chile






Valparaiso is the Port city to Santiago, Chile.  Santiago is a 2-hour ride inland from Valparaiso, and we are only here for a total of 8 hours.  Last year we had an overnight in in Valparaiso, which gave us two full days and the opportunity to explore both this city and a lovely resort town not far from here called Vina del Mar.

The port provides Internet connections, so we were happy to just sit in the terminal and do our internet stuff, including posting the last bunch of blog posts (especially since we were already here last year and walked miles around town).

The port authorities do something very strange. This port is a commercial port, just like most of the ports we have been visiting, but instead of having us dock near the terminal we were docked so far away that it was impossible to walk to it, so they provide a shuttle to the terminal. The funny thing is that we docked directly across from the City Square, which you can see in this photo that was shot from the shuttle bus (and which has the obligatory statues and blue-colored Governor’s Palace behind it),

P1080885 (1400x542)

but we had to drive in the shuttle to the terminal, which is about a mile or so.. and if we wanted to go back to the square we would have to walk the mile or so back from the terminal to the square….very strange.

But we took all these pictures from the ship once we were done with the internet..

Valparaiso (“Valpo” to her inhabitants) lives as a city built in 2 parts, the lower town and the upper town. The city consists of something like 13 different neighborhoods or “barrios”.

To get to the upper elevations the city has a series of these funky funicular cable cars called “ascensors”,  which take people up and down between the port area downtown and the barrios. The one in the photo below is in a neighborhood located right next to the port area.  The big blue equipment in the lower right is a container unloader used to unload shipping containers from ships onto railroad cars or 18-wheelers. 




In the terminal there were a couple of shops and I thought that some of the designs were really cool. All done with bulky yarn and giant beads.


So this is a small post since we basically did nothing!!!


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