Matarani, Peru Port

This is the coast of Matarani, Peru.

Again, this is a small place that is where copper is shipped out.. The next couple of places are ports for the mines of Peru. They have a huge copper mining industry..

The tug boat gave us a show…

show off

It was a small port, and our captain actually had to parallel park the ship and did a marvelous job..

Captain Parking the boat

I spotted the most ridiculous Christmas decoration ever in the middle of the port surrounded by product waiting to be shipped out… Looks like Santa lost his hat and it went through a seriously tough time!!! He must have dropped it as he flew by!!!

Santa's Hat

This is what the area between the port and the town looks like……


…..and this is what the town looks like from the window of the shuttle bus into town..

general housing


On the way to town we passed these little huts along the way. Come to find out, that Peru subsidizes the interior tribes that decided to come down to live in the cities. But they have to live like this.. So most people have two homes, one like this and one in town, and when the inspector calls to say they want to check out the place and make sure they are living in the huts, they spend a day or two living there. Would you like a second home like this??????


This little town in the middle of absolutely nowhere had the greatest little food market ever… All kinds of produce, cheeses made by hand……..



Local Butcher

……..and stalls with prepared food and tons of people eating..


They use every part of the animal for cooking, even the feet!


Ceviche !!! (Raw fish “cooked” in lemon juice with additional different sauces, preferably hot !…….)


….and the famous “pollo con arroz” – Peruvian style chicken with rice.


This woman was making Mango Ice Cream.. by ”stirring the pot”…. mango puree with cream in a large metal bowl sitting in a barrel of ice.

making Mango Ice Cream

4 generations of ice cream makers can’t be wrong…….


And here is how it’s sold on the street….pieces are broken off, put in a cup with a plastic spoon…….mmm good !!!!


Handmade cheese with the “manufacturer’s stamp”

Homemade Cheese

Some unusual fruits and veggies..

weird melon

Remember Beer Nuts?  HUGE kernels of white corn…..

Corn for popping

……and “black corn”…which is actually PURPLE……

purple corn

and turns into “blue” corn flour….


…..and something that looks like a heart-shaped turnip but which is actually a fruit that tastes like a combination nectarine, mango and plum…..


This little guy “pooped out” helping his mom move crates with the dolly……


There are over 800 varieties of POTATOES in Peru alone… You can see some of them below..






Shoo Fly Shoo…keep away from my watermelons……


We left the market and walked toward the beach, where we ran across a building named, tantalizingly, the MAGIC CENTER.  Curiosity got the better of us, so we walked in….


Turns out the place was appropriately named, because if you walk into there with money, your money magically disappears !  It’s a SLOT CASINO !

We continued to walk to the edge of the cliff that looked over the beach below…….


……spent a nice 15 minutes taking in the view, then headed back to catch the shuttle bus back to the ship.  All in all, an interesting place to see and visit —–ONCE !


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  1. Soooooooo good to hear from you finally, Nina! Hope you are having a ball…

    That is a strange place… couldn’t believe the white potatoes! The cheezes were beautiful but I’d be afraid to eat any of their meats, especially raw!

    Have you hit the jackpot on yarn yet?

    We CWS miss you so much!
    love, Bonnie

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