Pause in Posts


Hi everyone…

There will be a pause in all my posts..


Seems like some things just never work..

I lost my phone yesterday in Lima Peru…

And in addition to that, my tablet (that I just purchased right before the trip) decided to crap out on my and die.

I am very upset about all this, of course.

Trying to contact TMobile to suspend my service and that´s a PITA..

Every INTERNET cafe we go to has old and decrypted computers so I cant download my posts.

But once I am back in a real city I hope, I will be able too.. So you get a bunch of cities at one time.

Sorry for the inconvenience but you try to type on these old keyboards etc.

Connect with you soon!

Oh, I have purchased my first batch of Baby Alpaca for about $2 for 50 grams.


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  1. ~So sorry to hear about the phone, etc. Happy to hear from you though. All the hype about the cruise liner that sunk outside Rome, I just like to know where’s Happy to hear you are fine and buying yarn!! I loved Lima, Peru and the ruins. The people are friendly, the seaside and scenery is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your pics~Miss you!

  2. Oh yuck! Will sooooo miss you and your posts! Hate that you lost your phone and tablet …. Don’t let it spoil your fun tho!

  3. How frustrating for you to lose your phone (any chance it was a pickpocket?) and that your new tablet bit the dust. When one travels, it’s nice to leave problems at home but not nice to have them on a cruise. Irritating for sure. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of your wonderful posts but it’s more important for you to enjoy your journey than anything else.

    Sandy K.

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