Paracas (Pisco) Peru

Road to Port - St Martin desert

The area around Pisco, Peru marks the northern boundary of the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.  The Atacama Desert runs along the coast from the Pisco area and south to about halfway down Chile and the area of Coquimbo, one of the largest copper mining areas in the world.  Absolutely nothing grows in the Atacama Desert.  The photo above, of the road running from the Port of Paracas to the seaside town by the same name, is only several hundred yards from the surf of the Pacific Coast.   Yet for hundreds of miles there is nothing along the coast except more desert as barren as what you see above.

In this same area the famous Nazca Lines are located.  These are huge drawings in the desert sands that portray local animals and other symbols.  They were done by ancient peoples (or, as some conjecture, by aliens) but nobody has solved their meaning.  They can only be seen by flying over them in an airplane, which is what makes their creation so fascinating:  how did ancient peoples succeed in making these enormous drawings that can’t be recognized on land for what they are?  Only one of the Nazca Lines drawings can be seen from the sea, the one below, known as The Trident::


As we traveled into town we pass the usual square (this time it is a circle) toward the center of town which has a beach and a promenade with the usual craft (tourist) market. Anything to sell us trinkets… Basically the same as everywhere else.



This guy was feeding the pelican on the beach and once he finished he came over to us and asked for money. I guess he thought it was a show for us..


Not much to do so we just headed back to the ship and hung out there the rest of the day! But of course, they set up a little craft market right at the pier too…

handicraft at pier


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