Well, since Kal wrote all about his first day in Lima and his walk around town and my trip to the market.

I will write about what we did the second day in Lima.

We hooked up with a lovely couple Linda and Byron from San Francisco. She is/was a child psychologist and he owns a business. Interesting lady.. but enough of that..

As we took the shuttle in (the ship provides a shuttle service to either the center of the city or a specific neighborhood) As we passed neighborhoods we noticed bottles on top of some of the buildings.. I asked then what it is for?

The driver told me that many of the people who come from the interior and move to the city put bottles with salt in them on their roofs to ward off evil spirits… SO get out your bottles add salt and put them on your roofs….

Bottles on the roof

We grabbed a cab and headed out to the food market. As we were driving along we  saw a crowd gathering and decided to check it out. So we asked one of the police officers who were standing around what was going on. He said, we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Miraflores neighborhood. There were all sorts of Military officers and guests. I noticed the Cardinal of Lima was there.. They were just milling about waiting for the Minister of Defense.

Lima milleflores 200 year anniversary


Can you pick out the cardinal?


That’s the Defense Minister! Small little man!!!

From there we headed to the food market.

Lima food market

Can you recognize all the fruit???



A typical food stand in the middle of the market. They make these big pots of food or Ceviche for people to eat while shopping.

After the food market we traveled to the central area of the city (the old city) to see the Catacombs and large San Francisco Church.. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures. So no pix for you!!!!

While driving and sitting in traffic, it was horrific… No A/C in the taxis and over 90 degrees and we sat and sat.. but I spotted this adorable puppy… and had to take a pix of him/her..

doggie in the window

Since there is so much traffic you find vendors hawking different things to the motorists. Like Jobs new book..

Jobs in LIMA

Once we got there we were starving and stopped for lunch.. Peru is wild about Chinese and have become a culinary spot for fusion between Chinese and Peru foods… We found this great restaurant and the food was so very fresh and tasty.


There was police presents everywhere, but they were so very friendly with us… and can you guess who is the commander of this group????

Kal playing policeman

We were so zonked, and finally made our way back to the ship.

So interesting that we are so excited to see all these places, but after a full day of walking and running around it is really good to get back on the ship and spend a day just hanging out listening to lectures and watching culinary shows etc.

On to the next port..


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