Kal has found what he loves and has totally taken over my blog!

But since he is so serious about the history of a place and so meticulous about grammar and since many of you want to read about the place and not just the human interest stuff that I love.. I guess it might do us well if we mixed it all up.

He will write stuff, I will add or subtract and you will get both of us writing and posting pix.

If you see my name in front of a paragraph know that it is me, NINA, interjecting my take on something!!!

I believe that a picture speaks a 1000 words, but Kal believes you have to write the 1000 words!!!!

I guess you can call it 2 for one!!!!

If you have any problems with it, let me know.. He is enjoying this so much, I don’t want to take it away from him..

See ya soon!!! On to Day 2 in Lima!!!






Lima, Peru has not been good to us this year. In the two days we were in Lima, Nina’s new Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet died after being in service less than 2 weeks. Then yesterday on a cab ride back to the boat from the center of Lima, Nina accidentally left her cellphone in the taxi – goodbye cell phone). So now she we have no way of texting anyone, and this makes it difficult to post to the blog.

We arrived in Lima the day before yesterday and took a shuttle to the center of the nicest neighborhood in Lima, called Miraflores. It’s right on the beach, on the cliffs overlooking the coast, and there’s an entire shopping mall called LarcoMar that’s built into the cliffs but is completely invisible from the street. You actually have to know that it’s there and walk over to the edge of the cliffs to see it. We were in Lima last year, so this wasn’t new for us, but it surprises every first-time visitor.


Actually, even before we walked over to the seaside cliffs of Miraflores we began our visit where the shuttle bus dropped us off, at the store of the international jewelers H. Stern, located in the JW Marriott.  Sterns has a small but lovely and informative exhibit there of how the pre-Columbian Incas used gold in their jewelry and in their rituals, complete with samples of their techniques, jewelry making instruments and samples of their gold jewelry and other gold items..

P1080198 (2)P1080198 (3)


We spent a little time walking around Miraflores, and then Nina returned to the ship to escort a shopping tour in the afternoon. I took a long walk down the malecon – the seaside boardwalk – of Miraflores that runs along the Cliffside. It reminded me of Ocean Park in Santa Monica, CA. A 45-minute walk along the maleconbrought me to a park on the Cliffside known as “Parque del Amor” or “The Love Park” and to its statue famous throughout Peru known as “The Kiss” – or as I like to refer to it,  “Get a Room“. The area around the statue reminds us of Gaudi’s Barcelona, with broken pieces of tile organized into the decorations that surround the statue and which are used to form the corny sayings on the walls such as “Love is Everything” (in Spanish, of course).


A bit further down the maleconI came to a lighthouse located on a protrusion of the cliffs. It once served as a warning to sailors but today serves as a monument to the Peruvian Navy. A large, white anchor marks the entrance to that section of the malecon.



Continuing my walk, a few minutes later I arrived at another park located along the cliffs overlooking the beach, a park dedicated to the memory of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was murdered in 1995. The park features a steel portrait sculpture of Rabin and a plaque (in Spanish) dedicated to his memory. The Parque Itshak Rabin is located along the maleconthat runs through the Miraflores neighborhood,  where most of Lima’s Jewish community lives.



The most famous craft market in Lima is the Indian Market. While I was on my walk Nina had returned to the ship to escort a tour that was billed as a Shopping Tour. It turned out that the tour was just a bus ride to the Indian Market, which is actually located in Miraflores and has several hundred crafts shops containing everything from beautiful jewelry pieces in gold, silver and precious/semi-precious stones, to “everything in alpaca” to folk craft souvenirs to the same kinds of tchotchkes you find everywhere – e.g. snow globes that say “Lima, Peru” (although it never snows in Lima). (Nina- I never saw a snow globe in Lima, if I did I would have purchased it for my niece who collects snow globes from all over! What’s interesting is all the knit wear that is everywhere, from finger puppets to heavy jackets and blankets).


Craft Market


Alpaca socks scarves sweaters hats

finger puppets


Nina- This store was so original with so many interesting scarves and bags all crocheted or knitted or even weaved. Some really fun stuff. Above are finger puppets, all of them are knitted.

fun store

While Nina was escorting her shopping tour, I headed from the seaside cliffs and through the residential district of Miraflores and in the direction of the Indian Market. Since today was Sunday, the street traffic was light; couples and families were casually strolling through the lovely public parks and gardens of Lima. After pausing for a few minutes in Parque John F. Kennedy to watch life strolling by,


I picked myself up and went directly to the Indian Market, hoping to scout out the baby alpaca deals for Nina and meet her there. As it turned out, she had arrived and left before I got there and, independent as she is, had found some great deals on alpaca with one of the merchants and promptly rewarded him by buying several skeins….



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