A Sea Day and Additional Panama Canal






Since I posted early in the day as we went thru the Canal. I took some more pix in the afternoon.

Just wanted to share with you.

Panama Canal Lock Gatun

You can see the two gates of this lock.. This lock is called Gatun Lock, it is the first of 3 locks from East to West.

It is so interesting to stay outside and see just how it works. The gates open and the “mules” pull the ship into the lock, then the gates close and water rises or lowers the ship according to what is needed to make it even with the lake or ocean it must go out to.

One side of the lock has traffic going west to east and the other east to west.

And you see the back of the ship.

Panama Canal Sign

The nicest lock is called Mille Flores Lock, it is where the tourists hang out. There is a museum explaining the whole process and the history of the canal, the restaurant is here and this is where they will remove anyone who needs to get off the ship.

Actually someone did. There seemed to be an medical emergency, an ambulance showed up and a man walked off the ship and sped away. No idea what happened, but he looked fine to me!

They are building another 2 locks to meet the needs of  super tankers. Right now super tankers must go all the way south to the Horn and scoot around to the east or west side..

As we cruised thru the lakes that attached each lock we had an amazing view of Panama City thru the mountains.


Panama City

As we were approaching the last lock (Mille Flores) we came across a beautiful sailing vessel, the captain announced that for 4 years he was the captain of this ship and that it needed to stay in this lake until low tide otherwise it would never be able to pass under the PanAmerican Bridge which runs from the tip of Alaska to the lowest part of  the Americas right before the Anartictic Circle.  I will post a pix of it in the next post. (Don’t have my memory card with me).

Will teaches all different things to do with the computers, and in the beginning of the cruise the classes are always full. So I can only sneak in when there is some room. So I drafted the top part of the blog and had to stop to allow him to start his class.. So here it is 6 hours later and I am posting it.

Tomorrow we will be in Manta Ecuador. There is a great crafts market and I will take tons of pix for all of you!!! And tell you about Manta and the Panama Hat!!!

Miss you all!


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  1. Oh boy! Can’t wait to see the crafts market tomorrow…

    Who would have thought Panama City would be so huge, with all the skyscrapers? We are really enjoying your trip.

    Today hubby said we needed to take a cruise. Either that or fly to an island and stay at least a week. Where should we go?

    • Bonnie, depends on what you want to do, belize has great snorkeling and diving, for a fee ling of being in a different country, st martin is cool, one side of the island is dutch, the other is french, and the shopping is expensive but glorious. Barbados is very british. The carib is a great place to start, st kitts is beautiful and quieter. If you want more exotic think about costa rica. Its a big world out there. And if you do a cruise go on a quieter cruiseline.

      Off to the craft market!

  2. Great photos Nina I am learning so much as I google the names if I don’t know much about them. Can’t wait to see the craft market photos.xxx keep having a great time.

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