The Panama Canal


First I want to share some Bling with you! Aren’t these gorgeous?


Last night we had a Clarinet player (forgot his name already) who was playing jazz.. Kal loved it…



Read that forward and backward and it reads the exact same!!!!

We entered the Panama Canal this morning at around 7:30am. There are 3 locks to go thru with the big lake in between.

If you have more interest in the topic, just Google it…

Every time we go thru something special, the ship comes out with buns, today we have Panama Buns…

Panama Rolls

You guys have been bugging me about a pix of me on the deck… so here it is:


Panama Canal

The above pix is from the back of the ship.. you can see both locks.. One going in each direction.

You have to make an appointment to pass thru the canal and then you congregate with all the other ships and wait your turn. The tugboats in the back pushed us into the lock.. and you will see the “mules” that pull us thru.

In the past they actually used Mules which is why the name stuck.. The little mechanical mule is behind the little house.

Mule pulling ship

These are the locks just about closed.. They open and allow the ship in.. Then they close and water pours in until the ship is level with the lake..

Gates of Panama Canallocks closing on us


We ran to the front of the boat to see how the gates open to allow us into the lake…

IMG_0201Locks opening

Locks Opening (2)

You can see how the gates open and close…

Keep those comments coming…I love them!!!


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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks exciting. And I love that pic of you. I think you should have those earrings and the necklace…you deserve it for all of your hard work this year. Tell Kal.Happy knitting. How is that going with your group? Cannot wait for you to send more pics. Susan

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tour through the Panama Canal… may be as close as I ever get to it! Who was the cute babe posing on the deck? You look great, Mrs. Rabbi…

    I had to look up a map to see why and how you would be going through the Panama Canal. So you must be on a huge trip all the way around South America… Are you actually going anywhere in Antartica, or just passing close enough to wave at it? Too cool!

    The bling was gorgeous… for rich ladies who can afford to cruise for 68 days.

    Keep forgetting to ask you… what cruise line is this you’re on? I miss you a bunch. Wish we could talk!

    • OH, Holland America the ship is called Prinsendam…. and we are going to Antarctica.. Not getting off.. Wish I was but all the excursions are so way overpriced.. So we basically do our own thing..

      You can always txt me.. that’s free.. If you had skype we could talk when I get wifi in a port!!!! If you do get skype.. comment your skype name and I will find you next time..

  3. Oh Nina, if your pictures were any better I could become seasick. The pictures are so very good. The one of you on the deck is so good. We miss your chit0chat. But keep up with the blog. It means so much to all of us. I am toying with ideas for the cuff bracelets. I have found a pewter heart and red beads to drape on it. After all it is Valentines season. Stay sweet and keep the blog coming. Love ‘n stuff


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