Bocas del Toro, Panama


We arrived in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, it is a new port for the first time for the ship.

It’s a very small island in Panama on the way to the Canal.

We were tendered in and arrived to this very quant island that is still untouched by the big resorts and all the Indian/Israeli stores you find on the other Caribbean Islands.

We noticed that there were tons of backpackers and surfers walking around.. Kal and I looked at each other when we recognized hebrew in the air. As we continued walking around we saw a few notices posted written in Hebrew… we walked further and saw a “Kosher” Grocery.. a bit further we found what looked like an open Synagogue with a big Menorah.

It was humid as hell and eventually started to rain, which was very refreshing!


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  1. My Sweet Friend, I miss you. I hope you are having the time of you life. What did the signs say that were in Hebrew? I know I”m going to sound stupid, but do a lot of Jews live there that they would have signs in Hebrew? I’m curious. Educate me!

    • NONE live there.. who knew they were there????? The signs were about a gathering for Friday night dinners.. They were the young kids who were hanging out there waiting for the next big wave

  2. Hi Neener…have a buyer with Joe..will let you know how it goes! Panama has it’s strong points…but they do have BIG spiders…lol. xoxo~Sharon

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