Lost Count !! Grand Cayman (Day 3) and a Sea Day ! (Day 4)


WOW, so many people must have heard about Will and the Digital Workshop is stuffed! Near impossible for me to get in to post..

Well, yesterday was our first port of call.. GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS and the capital city of Georgetown. We were there for only 6 hours, but in reality that was more than enough.

We are all excited about getting to the good parts and the Caribbean is just “passe” at this time, when you are on a cruise like this one, everyone anticipates the South America and Antarctica part most!

We were tendered in (which means – the ship lowers a lifeboat or two and we are brought to shore with the boat). They tender when the harbor isn’t deep enough.

So once we were ashore, we just walked around, Kal hates the shopping and I would rather he shop for yarn with me instead of Jewelry (SUSAN you would love it!!!) one jewelry store after another, diamonds galore.. I should have taken a few pix of the jewels.. On the ship there are some beautiful things, will take pix for you Susan..

We walked around a bit, went to check out the banks, cafes, perfume stores, and then had nothing else to do so we went back to the ship..

Did u ever see such blue water? It’s because there are no rivers coming into the Caribbean Sea at this point.. The Cayman’s has some of the most beautiful blue water anywhere in the world. We were able to see all the way to the bottom!!

Christmas in the Caymans… So what do you think about their way of decorating???????

Tracy, this is for you!!!! KFC in the Caymans!!! Can you imagine, just a shack? Kal modeling for us!


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  1. Nina so good to hear from you. Oh, my goodnes…all that jewelry. Well, I did get some pearl and tiny diamond earrings. He is so sweet. But I told him no more. I agree yarn is better. Oh, we have missed you. but I love the pics. I cannot wait to see more. You need to to have Kal take a pic of you on the deck. I know you are having a blast. Have fun.

  2. Thank you for taking us with you. The pictures are breathtaking. We miss you opn the forum, but are truly enjoying our cruise with you. Had to get a new email, don’t know why, but my yahoo crapped out. So I will try to put in my new addy in prescribed space.

  3. Hi Nina! I love the tropical Christmas tree and the quaint KFC… I’d want to get IN that water! No snorkeling excursions?

    I can’t believe you are going to Antartica! Did you ever mention that before? NO… What a fabulous cruise!

    Leaving these comments is okay, but I seriously miss being able to email or pm back and forth! It’s going to be a really long 2+ months if you can’t get online and talk to me… :o(

    Love and miss you!

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