DAY 2 – At Sea


Well, The post will be about the evening before and the morning of.. I realize that my blog will be a mixture of the night before and part of the day..

We got our luggage pretty late and was only able to unpack some of them before dinner…

We went to the dining room for the first time and met my dinnermates. One couple is from Canada another is from Hampshire, UK..
Jo, I was wondering if that is where you are from.. I think you mentioned that you were. They are lovely people. I told them that you worked with the cadets, but I didn’t have much more info for them, SO if you want me to find out more, just comment and I will ask them.. Sorry, it’s really hard to remember everyone’s name at the beginning. But they are a hoot and I think we will have a blast at the table. It is such a pleasure to have someone serve you and ask you if you want anything… It’s going out to dinner every night… Love that..
Everyone else seemed to have showered and dressed but we didn’t! (So whatelse is new??? lol).

After dinner we just went back to the room, finished unpacking and crashed.

I forgot to take my camera to the dinner table.. So I will do it this evening and you will see pix of the dining room etc..

This morning we went to a get together of another forum that I joined just for this cruise called “Cruise Critic” and meet some more great people.

Most of the people on this ship are so happy to be here that everyone is nice.. and some of my favorite crew are on again.. So we are thrilled..

Later (in about a hour) we have “Sit, Chat, and Knit” I guess they couldn’t use the name “Sit and Bitch!” not approprate..

During Breakfast we were sitting next to a couple and I overheard (I am always the nosy parker) that the woman said that she spends time knitting.. Of course, I had to jump in…and we spent time talking about yarn in South America..

While we were out strolling around this morning I noticed some beautiful flower arrangements..

I will post more pix later on so that you can see more..

The Cruise Critic group in the Crow's Nest

About 60 Cruise Critic members on board



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  1. Beautiful flowers… And don’t forget your camera today. It’s our “eyes”, LOL!

    Wish, wish, wish I could be there doing it all too! Yeah, those dining room meals and entertainment will really spoil you for real life!

    We have a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about two years ago (!) and lost lots of his major organs from it. He’s on borrowed time but enjoying pretty darned good health, considering. He goes on one cruise after another… probably 5 per year, weeklong deals. It’s the best experience he can have, and he doesn’t want to waste any time!

    Miss you already.

  2. Im from Nottinghamshire Nina, to the North of the country, Hampshire is in the south 🙂 But it was nice of you to think of me 🙂 The flowers are beautiful…but remember your camera lol!

  3. Morning Nina! How I wish I could just get served meals everyday no prep or wash up. Make the most of it for me Nina. What happens at the cruise critics? Are you out to sea yet???? Loving the pictures! Have a ball, Tracy

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