Day 2 – Afternoon






So, I went to Stitch and Bitch called on the daily schedule as Sit, Knit, and Needlepoint.. Tons of ladies, not a one on KP!!! But some are actually Tatting.. 3 women are doing that.. I thought no one tatted.. Do any of you tat?? They kinda squish all the great activities together so you run from one to another and have to choose from all the choices.. So if you want to go to Dance class you can’t go to Stitch and Bitch then just 45 minutes later starts Arts and Crafts.. then 45 minutes later starts Watercolor.. Usually I love A&C but they were sewing Eyeglass holders.. SO NOT FOR ME!!! SEWING UGH.. where are you sew girls??

SO, I was at knitting and the Event Planner (Debi) was there introducing the assistant who will be supervising the activity.. and she sees me (she knows me from the previous cruise and the “Rabbi”) and she turns to me and introduces me as the AVID Knitter who helps out… First thing everyone asks me is if I have any patterns.. Of course, then I have to go down to the room, 4 stories below to get all my stuff.. ( I hate to bring it all until I see who is there and what they want) I have 2 books with me, One Skein Wonder, a Sock book, and my binder… They want to find patterns for the charity they will be donating too.. Someone asked me for something specific.. I don’t get it.. You know you are going on a 68 day cruise, why don’t you come prepared???
Then Debi mentioned Buenos Aries and the LYS and everyone wants to go with me.. I should charge an excursion charge and make the money for the yarn at least… Lets see just how many really end up going with me in BA.. I bet not many.

I kept passing the computer room,  and it was overflowing with people wanting to learn Windows 7.. eventually it slows down and only the diehards like myself hang out here.

Just a little note!

If you get a gray screen with no pix, click on the pix and  the pix will open..


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  1. No one in the pool yet!
    Sounds like you have settled in, Had a chuckle judging by your wardrobe door your are prepared for everthing.I guess you have to be when you don’t know if you can get what you need later.
    Did you get much knitting done???? or did you end up helping others?
    Don’t forget to tell me about the wonderful foodxxxxTracy

  2. I wouldn’t say another word about the yarn shopping and maybe most of them won’t remember it. It would be a lot more fun to go if you didn’t have 50 other women trying to beat you out of the best deals!

    68 days… wow. Just out of curiosity, what does something that long COST, to the average (non-rabbi) cruisegoer? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I will bug it out of you eventually.

    So where is your first port of call? :o)

    • Most won’t remember cause they find “better” things to do!! They don’t have a clue what they miss.. But it’s not for me to tell them!

      My single friends pay anywhere from $15K to over $20K, depending on the room type.. I know that the biggest suites go for $150K per person!!! NUTS!!!

      Only way to afford it, is to go like we do… We get a HUGE discount!!!

      Grand Cayman… will be writting about it in a sec..

  3. well….at least give them all patterns that call for the yarn you DON’T want to purchase at the shop…that will cut down on a lot of your competition:)…

  4. Nina, I need you to get me a job as a knitting and crafts teacher on a cruise ship. Please work on it, Girlfriend…

    You guys must be at sea today. Will look for a new blog post tomorrow… Have fun!

  5. Thank you very much for blogging about your wonderful cruise. I love reading your story and seeing the super pictures. Do you have a balcony cabin? We always have to get a mini suite on Princess because I have to use a bath bench but your shower could be doable. The shower head looks like it can be hand held. Is this correct?

    Again, thanks for taking the time to blog.

    • Hi, Because we go as crew/guest we don’t have choices with the room, so we take what we can get. The shower is a handheld and it is actually a pretty good shower.
      I love Holland America line best so far.. Haven’t been on any of the extremely exclusive cruiselines except Azamara in Europe.. But I like HAL better than Princess.
      Hope you get to take another cruise soon!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

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