DAY 1 – Embarcation !!!


Hey guys!!

We are online and on board!! And the best part is that my favorite Microsoft Instructor is our instructor!! Love Will!! He is a Commerical Photographer too, so he helped me so much last time!!

I think I am the first one who is blogging!! Our luggage has yet to arrive, so I took photos and I know everyone is waiting with bated breath!!! So here are the first pix.. You will see the gates of the Port, the crowd who have  just gotten off the ship and are being bussed to the airports, Us getting on, The room, (we are so thrilled! We actually have a window this time, never had one before and a bigger room!!).

We got there so quickly, My son had to go to work so we were dropped off very quickly. Thank God it was great no waiting on lines that took forever.. we got on right away!!

So now we start this amazing cruise and I hope that I do it justice!!

Hopefully will do more tomorrow..

Adios, till next time!!!


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  1. Yeah!!! I got so excited when I clicked on your photos it was like I was going too! Well here is home for the next little while it looks great.Have a great time Bon Voyage!!

  2. Oh yeah!! Looks for all the world like you are going to have a fabulous time. Enjoy every moment. The pictures are marvelous. and we are all going to feel like we hid in your luggage.

  3. Bon Voyage! Enjoy and get lots of yarn!!! You may have to kick Kal out of the room to make space for the yarn!!

    Totally enjoy my friend. Don’t forget us! Much love to you!

  4. Please give Will a huge hug from Annie and I. I am in Houston waiting to fly to London to meet up with Annie and get on our ship next Monday.

  5. I want to go too!! The picture with the balloons really got to me! I love the way cruise staff make everything so nice for the guests… and so much fun. You are going to have a blast! I hope you are able to blog a lot.

    (That’s a nice room but doesn’t look big enough to hold all your yarn!)

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