“Home” – Day 5


Well it’s Saturday and we have been here since last night. We arrived around 5pm.  It was good to drive into the driveway and see my DIL coming out of the door and my son walking down the block. It’s been a year since I have seen them. “Joy to the world!!” lol.. A REAL CLEAN SHOWER!!! AND A GREAT CLEAN BED TO SLEEP IN!!!


Can you tell that we are in Florida… Now you know why they call it the “Sunshine State!!”

I posted a pix of my Grand Doggies and view from the backyard!

Next post will be right before the Cruise!!

Be well friends! Thanks for riding along with me! Later!!!


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  1. You escaped the rain, finally! Would you believe it’s *still* raining up here? A little colder and we would have had a very white Christmas…

    Hope you have a great visit with your son and dil and the granddogs. (I have a grandgerbil, ha!) And soon the cruise will take you away… It will be a treat to get your posts from wherever you can make them.

  2. Hey Nina! I don’t want to miss a thing. Just went over your older posts and it’s been really interesting so far (and great pics) and you haven’t even embarked yet!! WooHoo!!!

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