Driving Day 5 – THANK GOD!!!



And the rain began just as we were pulling out of Baton Rouge…stayed with us through LA, MS, AL, and part of FLA.



And then it got worse!!! Up until the rain came in sideways and you could barely see 2inches in front of your face!!


And then it got even worse and just as we drove through it… the radio started broadcasting tornado warnings for the exact area we were driving through…. SO we just drove faster!!!! But I checked out each and every ditch we passed to see if it was deep enough and close enough to the road so that we could jump out of the car and scramble to the ditch in time!!!!!

Thank God, we got out of there!!!


It started to clear up and off we went.. into the Florida Panhandle..


I am sorry if I bored any of you with this drive! Sorry I didn’t spend more time smelling the roses but after the first night in a Motel/Hotel… I basically had enough and wanted to get there already!!! The best part was getting to drive such a beautiful car!

I am so proud of my son!!!!! Aren’t we all proud of our children? I know I am!!!

Are we there yet????? One more day!!!!

Last post will be tomorrow night until the cruise.. so see you all on KP!!!!




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