Driving Day 4


Hi, everyone.. what a day driving!  My son decided to buy a car off EBay and it was in Baton Rouge which was about 2 hours away from  Jackson MS where we were. So we started out the day driving toward Baton Rouge to get a call that he (my son) still hadn’t gotten the check for the car so we should forget it. So we made a UTurn and started traveling toward Florida.

As we were driving we saw a sign that said, WoolMarket has moved etc.. Well, of course I had to check it out, thinking it was a Market with yarns? Turns out .. it was the name of the Town..What town moves????   We drove through the town looking for anything that tied the town to Wool.. nada… But something funny happened… I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.. but Kal turned into the Catholic Church Parking lot to make a U Turn to get back to the highway.. and as he turned in.. I said… Kal, nothing can save you noteven a visit to a Catholic Church!!… as I said that, he drove right thru a puddle that splashed up threw the window and totally got me wet!.. so I said.. You might not be able to be saved, but you just baptized me.. .OMG did he laugh, he couldn’t stop!!!

No sheep, no yarn,no LYS…no anything that has to do with Wool!!! Couldn’t believe it! Just a sleepy little town..

So we got back onto the highway and continued on.. Then we got a call that the check has arrived and if we  go get the car.. So we made a U Turn and drove 3 hours backwards to Baton Rouge to get the car… OMG what a beautiful car, perfectly clean and such a pleasure to drive.. and so much better than my son having to fly to New Orleans and picking up the car and then driving it 13 hours back home within 24 hours.. Not a good idea.. So here we are in some hotel.. planning on starting real early to get on the road.. we want to make it by Friday afternoon… hope we make it.. Oh, just to let you know… Applebees sucks for vegetarians. Not one item that can be called Veggie.. NOT ONE!!!

Driving from Jackson, MS so many trees are turning colors now.. in December? Strange but beautiful..

Sunset when we made the U Turn… isn’t it gorgeous.. We got in at around 8pm.. picked up the car and got to the hotel by 9.


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  1. Pretty trees! So Nina if it was a Catholis church carpark what religion were you baptised in …lol Are you both driving a car each?

  2. We will start to drive 2 cars this morning.. 12/22/2011 Thursday.. Wish me luck. As I have gotten older I can’t drive as long as I used to.. I have to take more breaks.. Kal doesn’t seem to have the same problem.. SO I guess after not drinking coffee for about a year, I might have to have a couple of cups in the next two days till we make it to Florida!

  3. Those trees turned color months ago and what you are seeing are the few that didn’t completely lose their leaves. Some of our trees here don’t drop the leaves… don’t know why. Most of the trees in that picture are bare or are green pine trees. A few months ago every one of the bare trees would have been blazing in fall colors. It can be gorgeous here in the fall, especially after a dry summer. There’s your Mississippi Tree Lesson Du Jour, LOL.

    Enjoy the Beamer while you get to drive it. Let Kal follow you instead of vice versa, so you don’t get hypnotized staring at the back of the van!

  4. I am following you guys! Thanks for sharing! Happy new year and enjoy your trip,,,,
    Love, peace and blessings to both


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