Day 4 – Day 3 was with Day 2 Have I Confused you enough yet????


HI, So here we are in Jackson, Mississippi..

We thought it would take us a day later to arrive, but we got here much quicker than expected.

It was pouring rain for hours.. but we arrived and chose a hotel to stay in.

Then we went out for dinner and meet BONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is as cool as I expected and more so…

Brought me a wonderful gift.. A book from Elizabeth Zimmerman the “Goddess” of knitting and

some gorgeous cinnamon pickles… never heard of them but they look fantastic.. She made

us swear we wouldn’t open until we get to Florida and share with the kids..SO that is what we will do..

I left my camera in the car but Bonnie had hers.. So she will be posting the pix on KP..

Once I get somewhere normal where I can download the pix on to my computer I will post it to the blog..

We are off shortly.

Kal is hovering over me to check his own emails.. SO bye for now..



PS Remember to recheck this blog tomorrow for pix…





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