Day 2 Smelling the Roses


All the pix are in a Gallery.. No idea how that happened.. .but I have to do this quick  there is no plug for the comp in the restaurant and I am running out of juice.. Will figure it out later.

We are sitting in this adorable Restaurant in Thurber Tx.. the menu says there is only 5 people in this town.. OMG the Buttermilk Biscuits are to die for… and they give you 2 giant ones..  The restaurant is called the Smokestack Restaurant…they had 2 really old quilts on the walls (that’s for you Bonnie and Susan.. and anyone else who wants to admire old quilts) There is a great mural on the picket fence right by the restaurant…

Anyway,  Yesterday we decided to stop and smell the roses by going to Carlsbad Caverns, it’s on Kal’s bucket list.. and was quite interesting. Before we got there we stopped in a little town called White City (named after Jim White a 16 year old boy who discovered the carverns) The public toilets were like none I ever saw.. Who uses a shower curtain as a door for a PUBLIC BATHROOM??????

On the way to Carlsbad we hit blizzard on the way for about 5 miles in a place called Guadalupe Mountains National Park NM.. Huge amounts of Snow coming down… the temp plunged into the high 20s.. we drove behind a snow plow… then all of a sudden it was gone and the temp went up to 50… Nuts!!!

Check out the gallery above.. all the pix of the day are there…

Hope to get to Shreveport LA today…

Later Gang!!!!


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  1. Love the old quilts… thanks for the picures. Is that white gravy I see sitting by your biscuits? Don’t you like that ON your biscuits? It’s amazing. Fattening as heck, but amazing.

    I had so much fun visiting with you and Kal. Hope we can do it again on the return trip. Check out Natchez online and keep it in mind for later. It’s the real “Old Mississippi”.

    • We werent sure if the gravy was vegetarian or not… when we were done eating we spoke to the waitress and she said it was.. so we said.. oh oh.. should have asked earlier.. We were so full couldn’t go back and have more.. just couldn’t!!!! Next time we know!!! The biscuits were delis…

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