Driving Day 1


Hi Everyone!
We finally finished everything by 11am and climbed into the van to leave.. Kal put the key into the ignition and voila!!! Nothing..
He kept the trunk open for so many hours that he killed the battery!!  Thank God we have the very best neighbor who came out and boosted up the battery and finally we made it out.. but the air doesn’t work and it was freezing so no heat.. So I bundled myself up and we drove thru the rain.. and knitted for 3 hours..

On and on we went thru Arizona into New Mexico and stopped finally in El Paso..

Because it was raining we saw some amazing rainbows.. check out the pix…

View from the Car

View from the Car

Miami Arizona… Still have to get to Miami Florida

Would you believe that all those lights are Mexico? Directly next to the I-10 Freeway in El Paso WILD!

Tomorrow we head to Carlsbad Caverns.. Kal is all over that.. So interested in seeing it.. Hope to get good pix for you guys…
Miss you all!


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