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“Home” – Day 5


Well it’s Saturday and we have been here since last night. We arrived around 5pm.  It was good to drive into the driveway and see my DIL coming out of the door and my son walking down the block. It’s been a year since I have seen them. “Joy to the world!!” lol.. A REAL CLEAN SHOWER!!! AND A GREAT CLEAN BED TO SLEEP IN!!!


Can you tell that we are in Florida… Now you know why they call it the “Sunshine State!!”

I posted a pix of my Grand Doggies and view from the backyard!

Next post will be right before the Cruise!!

Be well friends! Thanks for riding along with me! Later!!!


Driving Day 5 – THANK GOD!!!



And the rain began just as we were pulling out of Baton Rouge…stayed with us through LA, MS, AL, and part of FLA.



And then it got worse!!! Up until the rain came in sideways and you could barely see 2inches in front of your face!!


And then it got even worse and just as we drove through it… the radio started broadcasting tornado warnings for the exact area we were driving through…. SO we just drove faster!!!! But I checked out each and every ditch we passed to see if it was deep enough and close enough to the road so that we could jump out of the car and scramble to the ditch in time!!!!!

Thank God, we got out of there!!!


It started to clear up and off we went.. into the Florida Panhandle..


I am sorry if I bored any of you with this drive! Sorry I didn’t spend more time smelling the roses but after the first night in a Motel/Hotel… I basically had enough and wanted to get there already!!! The best part was getting to drive such a beautiful car!

I am so proud of my son!!!!! Aren’t we all proud of our children? I know I am!!!

Are we there yet????? One more day!!!!

Last post will be tomorrow night until the cruise.. so see you all on KP!!!!



Driving Day 4


Hi, everyone.. what a day driving!  My son decided to buy a car off EBay and it was in Baton Rouge which was about 2 hours away from  Jackson MS where we were. So we started out the day driving toward Baton Rouge to get a call that he (my son) still hadn’t gotten the check for the car so we should forget it. So we made a UTurn and started traveling toward Florida.

As we were driving we saw a sign that said, WoolMarket has moved etc.. Well, of course I had to check it out, thinking it was a Market with yarns? Turns out .. it was the name of the Town..What town moves????   We drove through the town looking for anything that tied the town to Wool.. nada… But something funny happened… I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.. but Kal turned into the Catholic Church Parking lot to make a U Turn to get back to the highway.. and as he turned in.. I said… Kal, nothing can save you noteven a visit to a Catholic Church!!… as I said that, he drove right thru a puddle that splashed up threw the window and totally got me wet!.. so I said.. You might not be able to be saved, but you just baptized me.. .OMG did he laugh, he couldn’t stop!!!

No sheep, no yarn,no LYS…no anything that has to do with Wool!!! Couldn’t believe it! Just a sleepy little town..

So we got back onto the highway and continued on.. Then we got a call that the check has arrived and if we  go get the car.. So we made a U Turn and drove 3 hours backwards to Baton Rouge to get the car… OMG what a beautiful car, perfectly clean and such a pleasure to drive.. and so much better than my son having to fly to New Orleans and picking up the car and then driving it 13 hours back home within 24 hours.. Not a good idea.. So here we are in some hotel.. planning on starting real early to get on the road.. we want to make it by Friday afternoon… hope we make it.. Oh, just to let you know… Applebees sucks for vegetarians. Not one item that can be called Veggie.. NOT ONE!!!

Driving from Jackson, MS so many trees are turning colors now.. in December? Strange but beautiful..

Sunset when we made the U Turn… isn’t it gorgeous.. We got in at around 8pm.. picked up the car and got to the hotel by 9.

Day 4 – Day 3 was with Day 2 Have I Confused you enough yet????


HI, So here we are in Jackson, Mississippi..

We thought it would take us a day later to arrive, but we got here much quicker than expected.

It was pouring rain for hours.. but we arrived and chose a hotel to stay in.

Then we went out for dinner and meet BONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is as cool as I expected and more so…

Brought me a wonderful gift.. A book from Elizabeth Zimmerman the “Goddess” of knitting and

some gorgeous cinnamon pickles… never heard of them but they look fantastic.. She made

us swear we wouldn’t open until we get to Florida and share with the kids..SO that is what we will do..

I left my camera in the car but Bonnie had hers.. So she will be posting the pix on KP..

Once I get somewhere normal where I can download the pix on to my computer I will post it to the blog..

We are off shortly.

Kal is hovering over me to check his own emails.. SO bye for now..



PS Remember to recheck this blog tomorrow for pix…




Day 2 Smelling the Roses


All the pix are in a Gallery.. No idea how that happened.. .but I have to do this quick  there is no plug for the comp in the restaurant and I am running out of juice.. Will figure it out later.

We are sitting in this adorable Restaurant in Thurber Tx.. the menu says there is only 5 people in this town.. OMG the Buttermilk Biscuits are to die for… and they give you 2 giant ones..  The restaurant is called the Smokestack Restaurant…they had 2 really old quilts on the walls (that’s for you Bonnie and Susan.. and anyone else who wants to admire old quilts) There is a great mural on the picket fence right by the restaurant…

Anyway,  Yesterday we decided to stop and smell the roses by going to Carlsbad Caverns, it’s on Kal’s bucket list.. and was quite interesting. Before we got there we stopped in a little town called White City (named after Jim White a 16 year old boy who discovered the carverns) The public toilets were like none I ever saw.. Who uses a shower curtain as a door for a PUBLIC BATHROOM??????

On the way to Carlsbad we hit blizzard on the way for about 5 miles in a place called Guadalupe Mountains National Park NM.. Huge amounts of Snow coming down… the temp plunged into the high 20s.. we drove behind a snow plow… then all of a sudden it was gone and the temp went up to 50… Nuts!!!

Check out the gallery above.. all the pix of the day are there…

Hope to get to Shreveport LA today…

Later Gang!!!!

Driving Day 1


Hi Everyone!
We finally finished everything by 11am and climbed into the van to leave.. Kal put the key into the ignition and voila!!! Nothing..
He kept the trunk open for so many hours that he killed the battery!!  Thank God we have the very best neighbor who came out and boosted up the battery and finally we made it out.. but the air doesn’t work and it was freezing so no heat.. So I bundled myself up and we drove thru the rain.. and knitted for 3 hours..

On and on we went thru Arizona into New Mexico and stopped finally in El Paso..

Because it was raining we saw some amazing rainbows.. check out the pix…

View from the Car

View from the Car

Miami Arizona… Still have to get to Miami Florida

Would you believe that all those lights are Mexico? Directly next to the I-10 Freeway in El Paso WILD!

Tomorrow we head to Carlsbad Caverns.. Kal is all over that.. So interested in seeing it.. Hope to get good pix for you guys…
Miss you all!



Hi guys!

Here is our itinerary and luggage for the trip!


0 04 Jan 2012 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US
1 05 Jan 2012 At Sea
2 06 Jan 2012 Georgetown, Cayman Islands
3 07 Jan 2012 At Sea
4 08 Jan 2012 Bocas del Toro, Panama
5 09 Jan 2012 Enter Panama Canal Cristobal
5 09 Jan 2012 Cruising Panama Canal
5 09 Jan 2012 Exit Panama Canal Balboa
6 10 Jan 2012 At Sea
7 11 Jan 2012 Manta, Ecuador
8 12 Jan 2012 Guayaquil, Ecuador
9 13 Jan 2012 At Sea
10 14 Jan 2012 Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru
11 15 Jan 2012 Callao (Lima), Peru
12 16 Jan 2012 Callao (Lima), Peru
13 17 Jan 2012 General San Martin (Pisco), Peru
14 18 Jan 2012 At Sea
15 19 Jan 2012 Matarani, Peru
16 20 Jan 2012 At Sea
17 21 Jan 2012 Antofagasta, Chile
18 22 Jan 2012 At Sea
19 23 Jan 2012 Coquimbo (La Serena), Chile
20 24 Jan 2012 Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile
21 25 Jan 2012 At Sea
22 26 Jan 2012 Castro, Isla Chiloe, Chile
23 27 Jan 2012 Chilean Fjords
23 27 Jan 2012 Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
24 28 Jan 2012 Darwin Channel Chilean Fjords

25 29 Jan 2012 Amalia Glacier

26 30 Jan 2012 Strait of Magellan
26 30 Jan 2012 Punta Arenas, Chile
26 30 Jan 2012 Cockburn Channel
27 31 Jan 2012 Ushuaia, Argentina
28 01 Feb 2012 Cape Horn and Drake Passage
29 02 Feb 2012 Wilhelm Archipelago
30 03 Feb 2012 South Shetland Islands
31 04 Feb 2012 The Antarctic Sound
32 05 Feb 2012 At Sea
33 06 Feb 2012 Pt. Stanley, Falkland Islands
34 07 Feb 2012 At Sea
35 08 Feb 2012 At Sea
36 09 Feb 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina
37 10 Feb 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina
38 11 Feb 2012 Montevideo, Uruguay
39 12 Feb 2012 At Sea
40 13 Feb 2012 At Sea
41 14 Feb 2012 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
42 15 Feb 2012 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
43 16 Feb 2012 Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil
44 17 Feb 2012 Vitoria, Brazil
45 18 Feb 2012 At Sea
46 19 Feb 2012 Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
47 20 Feb 2012 At Sea
48 21 Feb 2012 Recife, Brazil
49 22 Feb 2012 Cabedelo, Brazil
50 23 Feb 2012 At Sea
51 24 Feb 2012 Fortaleza, Brazil
52 25 Feb 2012 At Sea
53 26 Feb 2012 Belem, Brazil
54 27 Feb 2012 Cruising the Amazon River
54 27 Feb 2012 Crossing the Equator
55 28 Feb 2012 Santarem, Brazil
56 29 Feb 2012 Boca da Valeria, Brazil
57 01 Mar 2012 Manaus, Brazil
58 02 Mar 2012 Manaus, Brazil
59 03 Mar 2012 Parintins, Brazil
60 04 Mar 2012 Cruising the Amazon River
60 04 Mar 2012 Crossing the Equator
61 05 Mar 2012 At Sea
62 06 Mar 2012 Devil’s Island, French Guiana
63 07 Mar 2012 At Sea
64 08 Mar 2012 Castries, St. Lucia
65 09 Mar 2012 Philipsburg (St. Maarten),
66 10 Mar 2012 At Sea
67 11 Mar 2012 At Sea
68 12 Mar 2012 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Just to give you an idea of how much packing goes into a trip like this.. here is our luggage.

Right now everything is in the walk in closet, because the carpet cleaners will be here shortly and they do it all except the inside of the closet.

Don’t mind my exercise ball, had no where else to put it. I have tons of hangers.. lol..

Can you see the bit of yarn sticking out of the small WIP page? That is the project I will work on during the road trip to FLA..

Don’t worry Bonnie, your bag is tucked away carefully in one of the suitcases for the cruise. The tan bag is all my knitting!!!